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RSAA Glocal Education Society

RSAA GES is an unregistered society, presently under pilot phase, to do free legal education to children, woman and senior citizen of the global society. We are under process to develop a online or local global schools, accessible from anywhere by use of technology, that would make every global citizen aware of changes in local legislation, international treaties, and crucial updates in a simple and easy to remember way and also try to give every global citizen a place to rely and live with his/her rights and duties towards human society complying various jurisdiction.

GES is born for purpose of global and local collaboration

We have a vision to collaborate knowledge, vision, thoughts and natural touch to every education that is imparted at house, in schools, college and through technology so that "we speak language that you understand"

Our first honorary initiator 

Mr. Rajesh Singh, Chairman of RSAA Glocal LexAdvisory Group is our first initiator of this Glocal Education Society and we all support to his thoughts and vision to best of our ability. Our work is what we believe should speak and no one in us are best and as we believe no one can be best alone but together as a team as and when we share, exchange, deliberates and collaborates, we become better every time. Nothing can change even if individuals moving in and going out except that natural flavor and emotional touch moves out with its exist, as what is left is truth of that moment and change is inherent truth of any form of organization or life and we should be prepared accept the same as long as the natural and global society to operates with participants.