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Legal functions Architecture and Culture

Posted on 21 October, 2016 at 14:00

The Architecture and Culture followed by various MNC is as below:-


Horizontal Based (Model A)

All at the same level (no hierarchy at all)

wherein hierarchy within the team is


i. to enjoy the benefit that as an employee is entitled based upon his/her grade


ii. for 2nd level of review/vetting of high value or strategic level contracts / large financial contracts


Project based assignments are given to each POC and his Reviewing POC to supervise the project reviewing/vetting

All the documents to be vetted are done by such POC and reviewing POC.

For distribution of the work / assignment of work the Chief POC has to keep track and accordingly and assign it. ( This is not very strictly followed hence duplication of work with two POC happens, but that is taken care by having monthly reviewing of the whole team, as generally most of the contracts go beyond a month’s period)

The work of printing and franking everything is done by the POC and he maintains all the records / repository of the work done by this team.

This team takes care of all the issues pertaining to the project assigned.

This is mostly followed by non-Indian based MNCs

This is purely related to contracts

For non-contract work, the respective department like HR, Personnel, Admin, takes care of it with standards/guidelines available with them and only if there are certain contracts that has deviation from guidelines comes for vetting to legal.

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